About Us

What we do

Finding New Tomorrows ™ (FNT) is a national organization providing caregiving, Alzheimer’s and aging well resources. A non-profit organization, created as a learning center and funding entity for underserved communities, with a targeted focus on adults ages 45+ in minority groups that have been disproportionately impacted by aging-related health disparities.

Why we do it

As experts and advocates, we’ve served communities nation-wide since 2010 through our caregiver education platforms and aging well initiatives. Impacting the lives of caregivers is more than a passion for us, it’s a way of life.  That’s why we continue, daily, on our mission is to help families learn how to age well together from cradle to grace.

“If we are accountable to each other; for persons spanning; from the cradle to grace, the same village it took to raise the child is going to be required to care for the adult as they age.”

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Aspirational Goals


Fundraising for elder caregivers

A giving platform where we help raise monies for caregivers who need to rebuild their work lives while promoting entrepreneurial dreams/opportunities.


Four Pillar Educational Foundation

Educating ministries on aging in America and programs: financial, legal, resources daily living aids, federal and state support – Counseling 48 Ministries.


Caregiver Coach Academy

Coaching corporations, ministries, individuals, & families on available aging well resources. Includes programs for ERG and healthcare groups.


Social Justice – Health Disparity

Advocating with decision makers, corporate and public officials, on program improvements that benefit the lives of caregivers and their families. 

Our Founder
Caregiver Coach
PAT Bailey

The seven-year journey of caring for my mom helped me identify health disparity gaps in caregiver education. As a caregiver there were multiple concerns to address, from financial and legal topics to family impacts. Feeling alone in this process led to a deep passion for properly equipping and supporting caregivers with tools and resources for preparedness and hope. 

Today, as a mom and Gigi, my goal is to ensure my children don’t experience caregiving without the loving caregiver support of community-based programs like Finding New Tomorrows™.


Beauty branding for over 17 leading hair care brands is what she does, but caregiving coaching is what she loves. While her mother descended into the recesses of that place where Alzheimer’s patients succumb, Pat struggled to create a connection.  Rather than surrender to her grief, Pat used her marketing mind to create specific to the Black community this credible online resource portal for caregivers with an emphasis on caregiver support. “A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease for an individual is a diagnosis of caregiving for a family and I need them to know they are not alone and how to access credible downloadable resources.”

Pat is a mother of one son and known as Gigi to her granddaughter and grandson. Outside of her caregiving work with ministries, Pat also loves studying Biblical history, playing golf, yoga, old school music, and reading books.